SmartCompliance – Innovative First Aid

SmartCompliance First Aid offers a wide variety of first aid cabinets and ordering solutions. It starts with an innovative, organized grid system that utilizes easy to replace refill boxes. Every refill box includes a bright yellow SmartTab® card; when you see one, it means the box is running low and it’s time to reorder.

Wide Variety of Cabinets

Organized Grid System

Refill Box with yellow SmartTab showing

What Makes SmartCompliance So Smart?

It’s all about cabinet options, organized grids and refill boxes, yellow SmartTabs and the free SafetyHub phone app option to make ordering easier than ever.

Organized Refill Grids

Our innovative grid system keeps first aid organized, makes managing refills easy and helps maintain compliance. The grid maximizes the utility of every cabinet in multiple sizes.

SmartTab ezRefill

When you see a bright yellow SmartTab inside a SmartCompliance refill it’s time to reorder. Item information and an easy to scan barcode are all at your fingertips.

Refill Boxes

Each refill box slots exactly into the correct size grid insert, and locks in place. Item identification and piece count, along with CSA compliance are clearly identified.

SafetyHub App

Great for facilities with more than one first aid cabinet. Manage multiple locations with a smartphone.

Why SmartCompliance?


Easy to monitor.
Easy to refill.

Cost Savings

Save Time, Money & Reduce Waste.


Meet CSA Standards with ease and accuracy.

SmartCompliance Delivers More

  • Reduces pilferage & waste.

  • Tracks your first aid spend.

  • Lets you refill cabinets when needed.

  • Keeps your team CSA Compliant and First-Aid-Ready.